Blowout BUZZ


Salon blow dryers are buzzing these days! So what is it about the blowout look that has women trading their own brushes and hair dryers for a seat in the salon? The blowout mimics the same smoothness and shine, but in lieu of 100 brush strokes, a professional stylist uses large round brushes to pull styling products and the scalp’s natural oils through to the ends of the hair.

While the main look desired is smooth and straight, other styles can also be achieved. La Dolce Salon stylists offer various blowout looks from; silky smooth, beachy waves to glamorous loose curls which can be achieved with a blow dryer and a brush.

The key to a perfect blowout is properly sealing the cuticle using heat and the angle of air from the blow dryer. Getting the hair wet is the only thing that should change the look, which is why a blowout will last a few days at a time even after sleeping on it. Longer hairstyles and women’s increasingly busy schedules are among the factors fueling the blowout movement.

With time, practice and the right tools women can accomplish a similar result at home. Some consider a salon blowout a luxury while others consider it an essential. Our stylists are able to provide you with a tutorial while you’re getting your next blowout done. Yet, many Dolce clients choose not to blow out their own hair because of the time and the muscle strength required to get the job done. Women are busy, so let us do the work!


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