Winter Weather and its Effect on our Skin

Colder days typically lead to dryer skin. This is the time of year where many feel their skin is dryer and their face looks older due to new or darker hyper-pigmented lesions. You just can’t entirely avoid the dangerous UV rays which increase age spots that develop on the face and the backs of the hands. In fact, some of the same treatments and products can be used for lightening sunspots on the face can be used on the hands, too.

To treat lighter spots, a combination of medical grade products made by SkinCeuticals can help lighten pigment and these include SkinCeuticals Retinol along with their Pigment Regulator (proven as effective as 4% hydroquinone). These products help increase cell turnover and also reduce brown spots while preventing future discolorations. Using sunscreens year around are a must for those prone to melasma or hyper-pigmentations along with a properly constituted Vitamin C for the ultimate year protection.

Fall is the best time of year for receiving treatments to clean up your discoloration. Chemical peels use an exfoliating acid which causes skin to shed discoloration faster. You can expect skin to be dry for a few days post-treatment with minimal side effects or downtime.

For the moderate to more stubborn sunspots, an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment would be best to help lift discoloration and pull pigment to the surface which allows sloughing and exfoliation to take place. IPL treatments break up sunspots using a beam of light which feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. IPL treatments are the best option for moderate to darker spots and for those patients who can’t afford too much downtime.

As an added bonus, many studies and doctors believe that both IPL treatments improve collagen production which results in the overall look of more youthful skin. Call La Dolce at 848-0294 to have a complimentary skin care consultation with a member of our esthetics team.
Written and submitted by: La Dolce Aesthetician, Danielle McElroy