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Treat yourself this Fall!

We all love to go to the salon. We make our appointments to get that precision cut, that rich beautiful color and the perfectly arched eyebrow. Our nails are shaped, buffed and polished. Our faces are cleansed, exfoliated and masked. But, is there something missing? We’ve taken care of the outside, but what about the inside?

Massage can help relieve stress, body aches and pain, giving you a sense of well being. A hot stone massage can soothe and nurture the body. A deep tissue massage can release chronic tension. When we feel good , we look good.  Right now, to help put you in the Fall mood, we’re offering a complimentary Pumpkin back exfoliation with any 1 hour massage.  Appointments are filling up fast, so call and book your appointment today!

Wonder Woman wears permanent makeup If you’ve never worn a Wonder Woman costume, go get one now. It seems counter-intuitive that hot pants paired with a bustier and go-go boots could make anyone feel invincible, but the combination is surprisingly empowering. Add the tiara and bracelets, and you will feel bullet-proof. Accessorize with the golden lasso, and you may find yourself taking days off work to attend Comic-Con. Seriously. Wear the costume at least once in your life. While the majority of grown-up, employed women don’t have the option of dressing up like Wonder Woman on a regular basis, we can still feel that same sense of powerful beauty all the time. If Wonder Woman was real, and you were close friends with her, she would let you in on a secret: Permanent Makeup.

BEAUTIFUL as Aphrodite… There’s a reason no one’s ever seen Wonder Woman applying makeup as she pilots her invisible jet. She’s got permanent eyeliner. What better way to accentuate her sky blue eyes and dark lush lashes? On an average day, she may rescue someone from an erupting volcano, or fight a ship full of pirates on the choppy seas. No man-made eyeliner can hold up to those conditions. Your average day may not bring you anywhere near a volcano or the ocean, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that if it did, you’re makeup would still be flawless?

STRONG as Hercules…
No one can run around in hot pants every day unless they work out. You can bet Wonder Woman is putting in regular time at the gym. Think she packs a makeup bag? No way! Working out takes a lot of time. Putting on makeup shouldn’t. Permanent makeup gives you more time to spend on important things, like Pilates.

WISE as Athena… Wonder Woman is multi-lingual, well-educated in complex sciences, and an expert in military strategies. Oh, yes, she’s also a stunning beauty. (If she weren’t so awesome I would hate her!) Do you spend more time applying on your makeup than you do reading up on current events? Permanent makeup can free up time better spent on more educational pursuits.

SWIFT as Mercury… In the time it takes you to apply lip liner and lipstick, Wonder Woman can make it from D.C. to Cairo. The girl is fast! If you struggle with punctuality, and you’d rather show up late than show up without makeup, consider permanent makeup. Your family and friends are tired of waiting on you. Even just standing like Wonder Woman can make you feel like a warrior princess. Stand up straight, put your fists on your hips and hold your head high. See? I’m telling you, it works! Who doesn’t want to be a stronger, more powerful, more beautiful version of her current self? If makeup makes you feel good, permanent makeup will make you feel empowered. Make your personal transformation to Wonder WomanNo costume needed.

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photoWonder Woman wears permanent makeup

Meet Katelin…our latest Bride!

It’s so fun to part of someone’s wedding day!  Recently, our bride Katelin along with her rather large wedding party, 8 bridesmaids joined us at La Dolce Salon & Spa for wedding day beauty prep.  Prior to her big day she had her hair and makeup trials to make sure her look was exactly what she had envisioned.  Our entire team wanted to completely please her and the gang.  So thankful that Katelin sent her photos to us so we could see the end result which is stunning where the ceremony and reception took place the the Mustard Seed venue in Noblesville, IN.  Best wishes to the lovely bride and groom – Cheers!

For more photos of this vintage inspired chic wedding click here.
Photo Credits: Della Terra Photography

hair and makeup by la dolce

hair and makeup by la dolce

Testimonial from Katelin:
Kara did a fantastic job!!! She listened to all my concerns and spent all the time making sure I loved the makeup and felt completely comfortable. Both Kara and Ashley did a fantastic job and I could not have walked out of that salon happier on my wedding day. I truly felt like a beautiful bride. Thank you so much! All my bridesmaids loved their hair and makeup as well! I would be happy to send some of the photos once I get them in and will definitely provide the photographers info as well. I can’t wait to see them because I think they are going to be pretty great!
Thanks again for everything! Katelin

Meet Zoe – age 11…

Zoe, age 11, is the daughter of one of our nail technicians, Crissy.  Zoe was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She takes a weekly chemotherapy pills to help control her joint pain.  To meet Zoe, you might never know she has arthritis.  She loves to sing, do arts and crafts, and outdoor activities.  Zoe is very active in her local Girl Scouts group and has often been a top seller for the annual cookie sale.  She has participated in the Arthritis Walk for the past 7 years raising hundreds of dollars each year for arthritis related research and programs.

So, how can you help?  Schedule any nail service with Crissy on Thursday, May 1st from 9am-9pm and a portion of your nail service will be donated directly to the Arthritis Foundation of Indiana.  Crissy offers Manicures, Pedicures, Parafin, Shellac and Vinylux services.

The 2014 Arthritis Walk is Saturday 17th at 9 am at Military Park.  Please consider helping Team Zoe!

Learn more about Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation.

Why Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup

Often, the first reaction is…”seriously, permanent makeup on your face?”  “Really, people get their eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed? The answer is a resounding YES and most absolutely LOVE this option.  It is permanent and on your face that’s why you would only want a trained expert! There is a very long learning curve with permanent makeup procedures so please don’t select a newbie. Color selection of pigments and proper placement are crucial for creating a beautiful and natural outcome and experience is necessary to having results that clients love. Permanent Makeup is a safe sterile process where pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, permanently.  This modern application of an age old art provides a safe and natural looking alternative to your daily makeup routine.

Our Permanent Makeup Artist, Kara Couch, has nationally certified by the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation since 1999 and has performed hundreds of procedures. Prior to joining La Dolce in 2010, Kara worked 9 years for a Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Dermatologist.  Many are surprised when they find out that our permanent makeup clients are typically over 50 years of age. The majority of our clients desire to look their best every day with less effort due to their busy lifestyle. Some struggle with little or no eyebrow hair, or have difficulty applying makeup to sparse or light eyelashes. Others may have unsteady or arthritic hands or allergies to conventional cosmetics. It does take some time to perfect the look and a complimentary touch up may be necessary. Numbing is used to help the procedure be more comfortable.  La Dolce offers complimentary consultations for Permanent Makeup.

In addition to Kara’s National Certification, she has been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1986 and received her Aesthetician’s license in 1991. She also has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.  She invites you to experience the benefits of Permanent Cosmetics by calling 317.848.0294. Mention this blog posting and receive $100 offpermanent eyebrows or full eyeliner.

Submitted by: La Dolce Salon and Spa
For specific information regarding permanent makeup please view:
Permanent Makeup Blog 
and Permanent Makeup Website


Blowout BUZZ


Salon blow dryers are buzzing these days! So what is it about the blowout look that has women trading their own brushes and hair dryers for a seat in the salon? The blowout mimics the same smoothness and shine, but in lieu of 100 brush strokes, a professional stylist uses large round brushes to pull styling products and the scalp’s natural oils through to the ends of the hair.

While the main look desired is smooth and straight, other styles can also be achieved. La Dolce Salon stylists offer various blowout looks from; silky smooth, beachy waves to glamorous loose curls which can be achieved with a blow dryer and a brush.

The key to a perfect blowout is properly sealing the cuticle using heat and the angle of air from the blow dryer. Getting the hair wet is the only thing that should change the look, which is why a blowout will last a few days at a time even after sleeping on it. Longer hairstyles and women’s increasingly busy schedules are among the factors fueling the blowout movement.

With time, practice and the right tools women can accomplish a similar result at home. Some consider a salon blowout a luxury while others consider it an essential. Our stylists are able to provide you with a tutorial while you’re getting your next blowout done. Yet, many Dolce clients choose not to blow out their own hair because of the time and the muscle strength required to get the job done. Women are busy, so let us do the work!

La Dolce Salon Looks & Styles

finerwaves1 flower-birdcage-81273 wedding-long-hairstyles-42

La Dolce staff members pride themselves with being experts at creating bridal hair and makeup. It’s not uncommon for our talented staff to accommodate 2-3 larger wedding parties every Saturday from May through October. As the wedding season is quickly approaching us, we can’t help but think about the latest bridal trends of the season. This seasons brides are going retro in a big way. You will be seeing a modern twist reminiscent of the late 1920 – 1950′s. Complete with a resurgence of finger waves and pin curls.

There will be less of the traditional longer veils and more of the birdcage, pill box and flapper style veils which cover part of the brides face with more of a netting versus tulle. Whimsical looks are on the horizon with feathers and more fun, flirty accessories. We recently were involved in a photo shoot with a feathered shrug and feathered hair combs which create a lighter and romantic feel. Beautiful decorative sashes for the waist and stunning bejeweled hair accessories are accented on many brides this spring and summer. Many of our brides are going for a more of an unconstructed ‘down-do’ look instead of the more classic bridal up-do. La Dolce is aware off all bridal trends and can achieve your desired look. We encourage you to select the style you want and feel most comfortable wearing. Trends do come and go, so select the style that best enhances yourself and your personality. We can make your hair and makeup look amazing with an up-do, down-do, anything Dolce can do!

Content material by La Dolce Hair Stylist, Ashley Paddock
Written by: La Dolce Aesthetician, Kara Couch

SPRING…from your Head to your Toes!

bea_003rLa Dolce strives to help you look ready for Spring from your head to your toes. Spring is notoriously a very busy time at our salon as we are having are having frequent salon guest who are preparing for several proms and upcoming graduations. Of course, our Bridal season is just upon us too and we can’t be any more excited about helping our brides achieve their desired look for their wedding day.

Spring breeds a lighter and brighter hair color, a new haircut and pedicure with that fun funky shade! The sun is shining more and we all want to look alive wearing brighter colors in makeup and clothing too. La Dolce carries Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup and has the latest Spring colors in for your review. Sunscreen is very important to many of our clients, especially those who invest in good skincare services and product. Protecting their investment is wise especially when SkinCeuticals makes it so easy with their Fusion 50 spf. It’s amazingly lightweight and luxurious to the touch providing maximum protection.